3 Inch Rod Pocket Curtains: Bring Grace And Attractiveness To Your Home Interior

For relatively small windows 3 inch rod pocket curtains can work great. Such curtain models are mostly intended for kitchens or small bedrooms. Anyway, regardless the fact particularly where you are going to hang your new curtains, you can come across fantastic models available in plenty of styles, designs, colors and material options. So, let us go over several models that are likely to capture your attention.

So, if you are planning to refresh the interior of your kitchen space be sure the Cherry Blossoms Print Ruffle curtains in 3 inch rod pocket size will bring beauty and style to wherever hung. These curtains are made of 30% cotton and 70% polyester material, thus they are very soft to touch. Besides, these curtains bring texture to the space around. However, what attracts most in this model is the amazing floral print that mentally transports you to the countryside you so much loved to spend time in your childhood.

In case you liked the above-described model of 3 inch rod pocket curtains be sure you will also love the Audrey Floral Country Tier Curtains. This premium quality 100% cotton curtains are lovely additions to any kitchen space! Featuring amazing floral bouquet and butterfly prints on a natural colored background, this curtain model guarantees a rustic and country appeal to your home interior. The model is usually sold as a pair of two panels. The latter is more preferable to be dry cleaned not to lose its colors or deform. However, searching well, you will also come across many other splendid style curtain models to make your home appear more welcoming and more beautiful.

Gallery of 3 Inch Rod Pocket Curtains: Bring Grace And Attractiveness To Your Home Interior

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