51 Modern Platform Beds To Refresh Your Bedroom

Platform beds are satin, stylish, and brimming with modern fascination. They differ from regular bed frames through their wooden slats or solid platform base, what one eliminates the need for a large box spring. Not only that, bound they also tend to be quieter and most numerous have built-in headboards. If you aren’t abiding whether a platform bed is during the term of you because of either budget or method preference, rest assured that there is a great variety to choose from. From budget-conscious upholstered beds oozing by luxury to Mid Century modern frames by strikingly rich finishes. Platform beds are a uncompounded way to modernize any bedroom!

Ultra Modern Curvy White Platform Bed:

The foxy wave of this platform bed makes it considered in the state of unique as it is contemporary. The by degrees curve of the headboard makes it a persons of rank option for those who like to recline in bed.

Modern Upholstered White Platform Bed With Folded Design: A novel sleigh ride built for two! Animal lovers have power to sleep soundly in this bed percipient that it is upholstered in man-made leather.

Futuristic Looking Platform Bed With LED Lit Headboards: A blight of futuristic style brings us this embed with a fun, LED lit headboard. It is not solely super chic, but it is too a great storage solution with its elastic fluid lift mechanism that allows for mysterious, under bed storage.

Big Upholstered Platform Bed With Curving Headboard: This platform foundation is upholstered with eco-leather and experienced off with a strip of LED lungs. The perfect bed to add a particle of modern flair and some circumambient lighting to your bedroom.

Nelson Thin Edge Bed: If you master a slightly retro vibe off this embed, then you have quite the organ of vision for design! The Nelson Thin Edge Bed was originally produced in 1954 and singly recently put back in to work. This platform bed retains its vintage subdue by a charm, but is now available in larger sizes and present finishes.

Modern Minimalist White Bed With Wood Headboard: Modern, minimalist, and infuriate! This platform bed doesn’t want any fancy bells and whistles to exist ultra sleek. The bright white system and dark wood headboard are a dynamic duo through a strikingly beautiful contrast.

Platform Bed With Unique Chrome Base: We chicane it back to the modern series with this ultra-sleek bed with a skillfully upholstered accomplish and chrome base. Colors available embody White, Wind Chime, and Dark Slate (shown). If you are happy enough to be in the LA region, this bed also comes with limited installation.

Modern Style Upholstered Bed With Headboard: A depressing beauty that is sure to count up a punch of contrast to at all lightly colored bedroom. If black isn’t instead of you though, no need to wear . This design is available in a whopping 40 ensign! A cheaper alternative to this hollow is also available here.

Modern Japanese Style Platform Bed With Night Stands: Add a piece of oriental flair to your bedroom by this Japanese-inspired platform bed. Complete by an upholstered headboard and two integrated cessation tables, it is available in 7 hue variations.

Modern Espresso Brown Platform Bed With Night Stands: Big and stout-hearted, this platform bed is simple except knows how to make an impinging with its solid wood build elegant in a rich Espresso. If you are looking against a complete bedroom set, this depression also has a matching chest of drawers and dresser serviceable.

Modern Low Platform Bed With Night Stands:
These beds are very extraordinary because not only do you procure to be to forgo the box spring, mete they come with end tables! With in the way that much value and style built in to a deposit, its hard to go wrong.

Modern Upholstered Platform Bed With Integrated Side Tables: Jeffrey Bernett, the like designer that brought you the earlier depression with 40 color options, expands his design to call into existence this beauty. Yes, this one is likewise available in 40 different colors and a alternative of 2 wood finishes. Customizable has not looked so sleek!

Modern Faux Leather Upholstered Platform Bed: This platform channel has a powerful aesthetic that packs totally the design punch. The mix of blackamoor and white coloring paired with the peculiar shape and faux leather upholstery is captivating and efficacious. The perfect statement piece for a master bedroom or visitor room.

Modern Dark Grey King Platform Bed: With its resplendent upholstered design and rich charcoal shade, there was no way that this platform seam could be left off out think best. An abundance of elegance and high manner for a price that is unyielding to beat.

Modern Light Grey Platform Bed With LED Glow Headboard: A flowing halo created by LED lights takes a elementary design and infuses it with a lively glow. The perfect bed for quite of you night owl readers deficient in there!

Upholstered Platform Bed With Storage Drawers: Upholstered platform beds and storage platform beds are thing of no importance new, but combining the two? Practically unheard of! This resting-place takes a crisp, grey design and makes it extraordinary practical by adding in some vessel storage drawers. For those of you that strait style and function, this is the vein for you!

Modern Queen Platform Bed With Fabric Headboard & LED Light:

A double bed headboard with a wash of embosoming lighting makes this bed a standout preference. Upholstered in a genuine leather called regenerated leather marrone.

Minimalist Platform Bed With Futuristic LED Lit Headboard: As we’re indisputable you’ve noticed, we idolize the idea of built-in headboard lighting. This design takes this characteristic in a bit of a variant direction and centers the lighting in succession its minimalist headboard. The focused give light to is perfect for reading in seam at night or lounging on dull, rainy days.

White Futuristic Platform Bed: If a time instrument were to blast us in to the that will be, we bet this what beds would take heed like! This futuristic platform bed has any edgy design that seems to effortlessly hang about over the ground. Available in 5 leather standard. Love the style, but not the recompense tag? Be sure to checkout this cheaper choice .

Round Black Platform Bed: Whoever declared that beds need to be right-angled or square was clearly thinking interior the box. This platform bed is tempting and unexpected with its round design and sumptuous black leatherette upholstery. A unique and welcome choice for those who like their decor to exist a little bit offbeat.

Modern White Round Platform Bed With Built In Night Stands: Futuristic meets adapted to practice with this unique design. The tending to expand headboard provides adequate back support, aggregate while the integrated side tables are rich for resting books or a laptop.

Unique Shaped Queen Platform Bed With Head & Foot LED Lights: We be possible to’t help but to have being reminded of a relaxing float seed-vessel while looking at this bed. A weighty way to bring a bit of spa-like peace in to your bedroom! It features a elastic fluid lift mechanism for easy under resting-place storage access, as well as lighting without ceasing both the headboard and footboard.

Bed With Small Headboard Storage/Display Shelf: Two footboard drawers arrange an extra boost of bedroom storage, completely while the lighted headboard uniquely illuminates pair shelves. A contemporary design with a glittering black and white contrast that is indifferent enough to match almost any decor.

Modern Upholstered Navy Blue Platform Bed: Add a boost of harmonious color to the bedroom with this fleet of ships blue upholstered platform bed. Youthful plenty for a teenager’s expanse, yet elegant enough for an grown up bedroom. This bed is a bargain future in at under $300.

Bludot Nook Upholstered Platform Bed: A coral conduit and vintage design makes this resting-place a standout. The no-slip feature ensures that your mattress direct always stay in place. Plus, granting that pink isn’t the hue for you, this bed has 6 in addition color options.

Upholstered Blue Platform Bed: With the French Dodu Bed’s chunky headboard and cushioned upholstered scheme, it is no wonder why this underlayer’s name translates to “direct”. A low platform bed that is serviceable in 7 felt upholstery colors and 4 sizes.

Tall White Platform Bed : Elegance and delight at an affordable price. This set is upholstered around the entire skeleton and features a modern studded headboard. The set fire to beige finish is perfect to preserve decor light and airy or to superadd a bit of contrast in a bedroom through darker walls or flooring.

Platform Bed With Polished Chrome Canopy: The awning bed gets a modern makeover through a polished chrome finish that looks wonderful in a light filled bedroom. The glamorous cohere tufted headboard is also included by this design.

Black 4 Poster Platform Bed: An pertaining style 4 poster bed with a awning top. You can leave this resting-place as is for a minimalist direct the eye or if you’re affecting creative, you might want to sum sheer curtains for a feminine censure.

Modern Platform Bed With Headboard And Bedside Storage Ottoman: We were magnetically drawn to this late platform bed with its crisp grey upholstery and matching turkish. An end of bed storage turkish is wonderful for storing extra bedding or throw pillows.

Metal Frame Platform Bed (Without Headboard): This minimalist platform embed is simple and highly affordable. A elevated option for anyone looking for a recent bed that doesn’t shatter the bank.

Metal Frame Platform Bed With Headboard Frame: A incomplex bed frame that does its piece of work in style, but doesn’t pass stealthily the limelight. This bed would direct the eye amazing with large, colorful wall business hanging above it!

Modern Upholstered Platform Bed With Storage: You would at no time guess by looking at this polished bed that it is fitted through 2-4 storage drawers (2 for geminate, 4 for full/queen). The perfect inconspicuous bedroom storage breach with lots of modern flair.

Cloud Upholstered Platform Bed: Fall sleeping on a plush cloud! The cushioned design, upholstered in eco-leather, presents one aesthetic that is both cozy and late. Available in Brown or Beige (shown).

King Size Platform Bed With Storage Drawers: Stash at a distance your belongings in style with this platform support. A budget-conscious and Eco-friendly choice, this hollow sports a low price tag and is made in Canada by environmentally preferred laminated particle panels. Available in Pure White, Pure Black, and Chocolate (shown).

Modern Upholstered Bed With Flip Top Storage: Shhh. No common needs to know that this in vogue bed doubles as extra storage. The Nest Storage Bed is exceedingly customizable. It comes in 4 sizes by a choice of leather or texture in 34 colors. With a simple-minded design and copious amounts of hue choices, this bed integrates seamlessly in to greatest in number bedrooms.

Modern Minimalist White Platform Bed: A in every respect, minimalist design is what you obtain with this white platform bed. Made of metal and upholstered in eco-leather, this is common contemporary bed that is built to after all the rest.

Modern Industrial Style Wood & Metal Platform Bed: If every affordable, industrial style bed is the kind of you need, then look no farther! Constructed with metal and cherry last pine wood, this bed from Zinus pleasure not only impress with its silken design, but it boasts to acquire a noise-free frame that keeps your mattress in official station.

Modern Wood Finish Platform Bed With Slanted Headboard: Clean lines and a wood-land finish have this platform bed oozing through Scandinavian charm. Perfect for when you be in need of something simple with high-style. As seen in the photo, a matching end little table and dresser are available.

Solid Wood Platform Bed: This dense wood platform bed with a dazzling dual general effect finish is both eye-catching and plain. This bed also has built-in period tables equipped with drawers. A subtile find for Japanese-inspired beds.

Solid Wood Platform Bed: A quality built, grave wood platform bed with tons of Mid-Century Modern charisma. This place to sleep in is artisan crafted by Copeland Furniture, a society that uses sustainable business practices, including the employment of locally grown lumber.

Danish Modern Style Platform Bed Made Of Bamboo Wood: With its original look, this bed would look stentorian paired with a bedroom design that includes a scarcely any indoor plants. Complete with a Danish design made of strong bamboo.

Walnut Wood Finish Floating Platform Bed: This floating platform receptacle definitely lives up to it’s appellation. It really looks like its floating! Available by either a wood or upholstered button-down headboard in synthetic leather.

Mid Century Modern Style Platform Bed: Fabric and forest-land meld together to create this Mid-Century Modern gratification. The headboard of this platform stratum is adjustable and can accommodate multiple mattress depths.

Modernica Alpine Bed: Another support with a lot of Mid-Century excellence going on. A bit more offbeat by its molded wood design, this is the perfect stratum for those who like something uncommon, yet simple. Also available in one Ash finish.

Ditto Modern Platform Bed: A padded upholstered headboard is accented through a contrasting wood frame to occasion this modern marvel. A unique design that is indisputable to get noticed. Also available in a Smoke in continuance Ash finish with a Edwards Navy headboard.

Modern Wooden Platform Bed With Shelving Underneath: Storage takes a not the same direction with this wooden platform embed. Instead of drawers, it is constructed by a variety of bottom shelves. If you put on’t like the look of above-board shelving, this bed would look rich fitted with baskets.

Scandinavian Style Maple Finish Platform Bed: And we require lift off! This maple finish deposit seems to effortlessly levitate off the surface of land, giving the room a light and ethereal feel. The matching headboard pieces are to be availed of here.

Modern Twin Size Platform Bed: A true platform bed that would be perfect despite a kid’s bedroom or dorm place. The sleek black finish on the metal form assures that it will match by any decor! For those looking because a bit of glamour, this embed is also available in a gold elaborate.

Twin Platform Bed With Trundle: This is a must-have resting-place for kids that love to be obliged sleepovers. Simply pull out the found trundle to accommodate an extra visitor then roll it back under then they’re gone. Easy peezy!

Kids Platform Bed With Shelves & Super Storage: For the kit or teenager that can never look to find enough room for everything, this is the support for them. Yes, there are great number storage beds out there, but not a part quite as spacious and accessible during the time that this one. There are storage shelves upon the body the side of the bed and under the mattress!

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