8-Way Hand-Tied Sofa Guarantees Premium Quality To Stand For Ages

Good furniture is intended to serve for years truthfully providing comfortability and softness each time you sit on it. If you desire a sofa to be of exceptional quality, then it ought to be a 8-way hand-tied sofa. The name itself clearly presents the construction of the sofa built to serve longer than any other type. A series of coils are used for its creation and each of these coils is tied eight times in different directions including form side to side, from front to back and diagonally. Particularly this structure provides perfect support and an exceptional level of comfortability.

Today there are famous companies offering the most quality models. Obtaining a sofa with 8-way hand-tied system of construction, you are guaranteed to have a hand crafted and man-made pledges of quality! Anyway, besides the exceptional quality these pieces of furniture feature, they can have the most luxurious upholstery. High quality leather and unique precious fabrics are used to make them perfect and suitable for your exquisite home interiors.

Best Brands Offering Sofas Of 8-Way Hand-Tied System

8 way hand tied sofa brands are different each offering a certain level of quality and appearance. Yet, only several of them can boast to provide an exceptional quality and premium stylish look. The Hickory White is one of the most outstanding ones offering hand-tailored and hand-crafted styles by exceptionally skillful artisans. Anyway, the Sherrill Furniture is another prominent one in the industry of furniture that is worth relying on. Meanwhile, the Chariho Furniture presents incredibly stylish and durable eight-way hand-tied sofas to decorate any living room in a luxurious and exquisite way!

Get Your Own 8-Way Hand-Tied Exceptional Sofa From Trustworthy Manufacturers

Anyway, irrespective of the large quantity of different 8 way hand tied sofa manufacturers, there are some that really make graceful models at the uppest level of quality! For instance the brand names Stickley or the Hancock & Moore are those unique ones that are synonymous to quality and luxury. Each and every product manufactured by these two companies is guaranteed to marvel you with sophisticated appeal and premier durability. Having an 8-way hand tied sofa bought from either of these two companies, you will get ensured to enjoy their wonderful service for many decades. So, if you want to make a really valuable investment with your sofa, you won’t find a better one than the Hancock & Moore or Stickley offer!

Washington Sofa is a gorgeous 8-way hand-tied sofa that is distinguished due to its premium quality and sophisticated luxury look. This unique piece of furniture features gracefully flared arms, tufted back and bench cushion all covered with mahogany colored premium leather. Meanwhile the bun feet and the nailhead trim only contribute to the overall perfectness of the Washington Sofa. Costing about $2500, this sofa will become the focal point of any luxurious interior!

Gallery of 8-Way Hand-Tied Sofa Guarantees Premium Quality To Stand For Ages

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