8mm Laminate Flooring For Areas With Medium Foor Traffic Level

For spaces with moderate foot traffic 8mm laminate flooring is the perfect choice! It is narrower that those thick 12mm laminates intended for high traffic areas, and thicker than 6mm laminates with low durability. If you need to cover your home floors particularly with 8mm laminates the Build Direct store is a wonderful store to fulfill your purchase. The store offers natural looking elegant floor types manufactured by such popular brand names as are the following ones:

  • Armstrong
  • Lamton
  • Warehouse Clearance
  • Toklo Laminate
  • Kronotex
  • Cavero

Make Your Floors Look Lavish

If you are in a search of impressive looking laminate flooring with 8mm then the Armstrong Exotics Collection with Santos Mahogany rich finish is an amazing choice! This wonderful flooring model will bring a unique character to the space with its exotic wood grain patterns. Meanwhile the low maintenance as well as resilient performance of it make it simply irreplaceable! The Build Direct Store offers this gorgeous model at $3.50 per square feet.

Elegant Touch By Toklo Laminate

Nevertheless, an elegant space requires an elegant 8mm laminate flooring. Here, in Build Direct you can easily find fascinating models to suit your home interior. For example the Equestrian Collection by Toklo Laminate includes appropriate models in Irish Draught finish. Whilst the regular cost for these laminates is $2.99 per square feet, today the store has set a great discount on them. Now you can purchase this flooring model at such a low costs as $0.79-0.99 per square feet.

Gallery of 8mm Laminate Flooring For Areas With Medium Foor Traffic Level

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