A stand alone closet as a room divider

A stand alone closet is a tower construction which does not touch the wall, being secured only to the floor and to the ceiling. The height of stand alone closet system varies. Therefore you should be very accurate when choosing a one for your home.

You need to know an exact height of your ceiling, so your unit must fit this space. Very often stand alone closet organizer, especially if it is very wide, can be used as a room divider. It is a very practical and cheap decision. You do not pay extra money for two closets for rooms and for a wall installation. The problem is solved with a spacious long stand alone organizer.

IKEA offers a lot of simple shaped, but extremely sturdy room dividers – closets. Think about a possibility to build a similar construction yourself. Buy several stand alone closet shelves and organize them into a large stand alone closet system. Although, you need first to prepare everything you will need: a drill, screws, a putty knife, hanger rods, hardwear for hanger rods, wood and wooden materials, wood studs, paint, brushes and a lot of other stuff you may need in the process of construction.

Stand alone shelving as a room divider may be used to store books there. If you have a home library, this is the best variant for organizing your home. Start working at your project, and you will love your updated home.

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