Acrylic Coffee Table – Efficient Usage of Space


Want to enhance your living room space to give it more life and vibrancy? Buy an acrylic coffee table right away! Made from Lucite, it is one of the contemporary styles that are in huge demand as it imparts a spacious and elegant look to a room. To ensure that it is a complete package and not merely decorative, it comes with a footrest where you can also keep books and magazines.

Benefits of an acrylic coffee table in your home:

  • Lucite weighs much lesser than glass, so it is safer and more durable than a standard coffee table. If you have children around the house, this table is your best bet as the chances of breaking is reduced due to its sturdiness.
  • These are especially suited for using outdoors due to being weatherproof. The strength of Lucite can withstand all kinds of weather without ruining the quality of the table.
  • The table is unique in terms of exclusivity – it imparts a bright look to the space it is kept in as the crystal body is basically a reflector and projects light all over the room. The overall appearance of the area looks neat and compact.
  • It requires very little maintenance because the smooth surface acts as a deterrent to dust, dirt, and stains. You just have to swipe it over with a cloth to keep it clean.

Standard pieces are equipped with a footrest as mentioned, but there are tables that have drawers and shelves to make them convenient and useful. An acrylic coffee table is a must-have in every household these days!

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