Aldi Garden Furniture: Modern Style Spiced With Great Affordability

Aldi garden furniture catches eye with the practicality, durability and unique modern style every furniture model owns. These garden sets come in a great variety of designs each unique and amazing. The color and size options differ, too. Anyway, what makes these furniture pieces so widely chosen is the great affordability. Here in Aldi you can purchase wonderful garden sets of five pieces (four chairs and a square table) at such low costs as about $70. Yet, there are also many separate furniture pieces sold as are the followings:

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Storage deck boxes
  • Benches
  • Garden umbrellas
  • Sofas
  • Armchairs, etc.

Garden furniture by Aldi also comes in different materials including as metals and woods, so plastics and rattan. For instance there is a fantastic contemporary garden furniture set in rattan material costing about $220. The set features a tempered-glass top table, two armchairs, a two-seat sofa and cream cushions for the armchairs and sofa. The furniture set comes in either black or grey coloring and is very easy to assemble.

Another quite beautiful and stylish Aldi garden furniture set is the Essentials Furniture Set of Six Pieces By Aldi. This metallic set features a round (80cm diameter) table, four chairs in ultra-modern style and a parasol that comes in 180cm diameter. This pretty garden furniture set is priced as little as $83, yet quite often you can find it at reduced prices. For instance the Norris Green store sells this furniture set at such an inexpensive cost as $60!

Gallery of Aldi Garden Furniture: Modern Style Spiced With Great Affordability

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