Anti Slip Floor Tiles Guarantee Safety For Your Home Floors

Anti slip floor tiles have become greatly required in the market as these products are more durable and greatly safer. Non slipping tiles are mostly installed nearby swimming pools, as well as leisure centres, kitchens and bathrooms, food production environments, etc. Most commercial areas do need non slipping floors to provide safety for their customers and stuff. Slipping and falling on ordinary floors in commercial areas can bring forward costly accidents on clients’ premises. Accordingly, installing such floors is a real investment in your business.

Prevent Accidents With Non Slipping Floors

However, our houses need safety for our kids, too. Just count how many small and not so accidents happen in our own bathrooms, kitchens or swimming pools because of slipping. All these can be easily prevented with just installing quality floor tiles with anti slip feature. Once your floors are covered with these tiles, you will no longer worry about possible injuries your family or guests may get because of slipping floors of your house. The special system of the surface these floors have guarantees safety against slipping even if there is water poured on the tiles.

Non-Slipping Structure By Porcelanosa

Today many flooring companies have concentrated on producing floor tiles, which are anti slip as the latter has a large demand in the market. Porcelanosa is one of these brands. Due to the collaboration with the Institute of Ceramic Technology, Porcelanosa Group has designed a special nano-structure anti-slip surface for all its ceramic tiles. The new technology is named Nanoker Technology. As a result, the company started mass production of anti-slip surface ceramic tiles that feature agreeable and smooth texture providing longevity of service while requiring quite little maintenance.

However, there are also many other companies that offer anti slip floor tiles at affordable prices. Depending on your home interior and exterior (if you mean to install the tiles around the swimming pool), you are free to choose any color shade and pattern that will suit the environment best. Yet, your budget plays a major role, too. Most quality products presented by worldwide flooring companies have their respective costs. The most quality of them are priced quite expensive, yet guarantee exellent look and experience.

Gallery of Anti Slip Floor Tiles Guarantee Safety For Your Home Floors

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