Arcade Coffee Table: Enjoy Advanced Personal Entertainment

Arcade coffee table is a unique piece of furniture intending to bring the most advanced modern personal entertainment to your house and specifically to the heart of your living room. Their discreet design allows to hide a large playground under a major dark glass top that looks so enchanting and mysterious! And all these are handcrafted into a contemporary style piece of furniture that is sure to bring modern and stylish appeal to your home interior. However, quite many designs and finishes are available for these tables to complement your home look in case you would prefer a more elegant or some other style for the table.

The Surface Tension is perhaps the best destination you can find amazing coffee tables with arcade games installed. For instance obtaining the Dual Arcade Table in Walnut at approximately $3750 from the store you will enjoy a marvelous coffee table look along with multiple arcade games. This large table (1200mm x 720mm x 440mm) features a 19″ TFT LCD, joysticks from Sanwa, arcade buttons and Happ stereo amplifier.

However, if you would like to obtain a more developed arcade coffee table consider buying the Arcane Arcade Game Table at $6256. Having a real wood frame with gloss sides, this table features a six mm toughened glass top. This ultra modern interactive table allows one to surf the web, watch different videos and listen to music, as well as play games. The computer system of the table ca be upgraded according to your specifications.

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