Ash Flooring Specially For Luxurious Homes

For a modern home interior ash flooring is a perfect variant! It features fascinating grains that is typical exceptionally to this hardwood species. Ash flooring features bright and warm tones that can bring a more capacious and attractive look to any home. The natural color of this wood type perfectly suits to any home decor let it be traditional, modern, rustic or classic. What concerns the quality of ash wood flooring, it captures with its wear and stain-resistance that makes is a perfect variant for kitchens, dining rooms and other areas with high traffic.

The color shade of an ash wood flooring is determined by the type of this hardwood. Ash hardwood grows in two types – white and black. The black ash flooring includes shades starting from tan and ending with medium brown including all shades in between. Meanwhile white ash wood flooring includes colors from pale yellow to light brown. However, regardless the fact which color shade you choose for your home floors, it is guaranteed to be warm and extremely inviting!

Ash Hardwood Floors by Armstrong

The Armstrong is a US mega-popular company that presents various hardwood floors including ash flooring, too. The most popular and highly rated model is the Ash-Spice from the Eddington Plank collection. This hardwood floors is also available in several other colors besides Spice. These are:

  • Natural
  • Cherry
  • Gunstock
  • Butterscotch

With its Dura-Luster Plus Urethane finish making this flooring even more durable and long lasting, you will have a grandiose floors for all rooms of your home.

Gallery of Ash Flooring Specially For Luxurious Homes

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