Bathroom Vanity Plans: Lovely and Easy Plan For DIY Beginners

Having successful and sensible bathroom vanity plans at hand, you can build one with your own hands. For this you don’t have to apply to an architect for a precise plan or project, as there are plenty of really smart plans available on the internet for free. All that you will have to do, is to choose one that suits both your expectations and your DIY experience level. If you are a beginner, look exclusively within easy DIY plans that can be implemented in a couple of days or even less. This way you will get neither tired too soon nor frustrated with the complexity of the project.

A Simple And Beautiful Vanity Plan By “Beneath My Heart”

Quite a simple yet chic DIY model is the butcher block vanity. The project itself is quick and easy to implement while the materials used can be found in your garage or attic. This plan of a bathroom vanity will help you save both money and space when fulfilled. You can use a butcher block left after you renovated your kitchen and hence save money on this material purchase. Yet, you will perhaps have to buy some new posts and then cut them to an appropriate size. However, Hometalker Traci who has her blog called “Beneath My Heart” had to cut off the bottom and top of the posts to make them legs for the vanity.

To fasten the legs for the vanity, you are supposed to use anchor pieces via small wood pieces. Attach them both with a glue and crews. Afterwards, you are supposed to install the vanity sides by means of nails. Do not forget to use PL Adhesive before fastening each piece with screws. Before attaching the butcher block use the same PL Adhesive on the top. Secure it and fasten the sink. This is the brief step-by-step instruction of one of the simplest bathroom vanity plans that you can fulfill on your own. For more detailed information, visit the blog.

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