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Vanity Tops for Bathroom – Great Additions Indeed


What should you look for while selecting vanity tops for bathroom? Simple – they should be sturdy and provide resistance to elements such as water, detergent, liquids containing acetone etc. To put it in a nutshell, thy have to be meet your requirements and specifications.

Here are some popular bathroom vanity tops:


Tempered glass with a frosted or clear finish looks extremely chic and contemporary, which is a valuable addition to the bathroom. It requires little maintenance and provides excellent resistance to heat and stains. It usually blends in well with the colors and themes of the surroundings. To give it more appeal, a surface light can be installed underthe top.


If you are having trouble in matching vanity tops to fixtures and other furniture in the bathroom, porcelain is a great option. Normal cleaning will suffice as it doesn’t allow dust, dirt or debris to accumulate on the surface. Moreover it is sturdy and doesn’t chip or crack easily. Porcelain tops with their smooth surfaces retain their shine for many years without elaborate maintenance.

Cultured Marble

Marble is expensive so it might not be within everyone’s price range. That is why cultured marble made of acrylic resin and marble chips, proves to be a great substitute as the shiny and elegant look of natural marble is retained, yet the price is low. Other benefits include excellent durability, little maintenance, and resistance to stains.

Buying tops for bathroom vanity online can fetch you some great discounts if you are lucky, and you also have the option to select as per convenience.

Gallery of Vanity Tops for Bathroom – Great Additions Indeed

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