Bedroom Closet Furniture Models By Contempo Space

When you have a small apartment with no walk in closet room, a bedroom closet furniture piece is what you have to purchase for accommodating your clothes and shoes. Available in great many styles starting with traditional and ending with modern ones including anything in between, bedroom closet systems will also greatly enhance your bedroom interior style. These closets come in different sizes to be suitable to any bedroom irrespective of its dimensions. Hence, whether you have a classic small bedroom, or a contemporary large one, you are sure to find a proper bedroom closet for it.

Bella Wardrobe Collection

The Contempo Space is a unique store that offers diverse furniture pieces all coming in amazing designs. Among several splendid closet furniture collections for bedrooms the Bella Wardrobe Collection is the store’s high end offering. These wardrobes are impressively tall with 84.25″ height. Moreover, the height of these wardrobes can be increased up to 118.25″ due to the optional storage toppers. The finishes for these wardrobes are diverse including black, white, mirrored, colored glass and wood finishes.

Alta Collection


Another fabulous collection of bedroom closet furniture by the Contempo Space is the Alta Collection. The latter includes exceptionally modern wardrobes and intend to enrich the modern appeal of a bedroom interior. The base height for these wardrobes is 72″, yet the optional toppers can increase the height up to 106″. Both the armoire and wardrobe options of this collection include various internal and external drawers, shelving configurations as well as hundreds of finish combinations.

Gallery of Bedroom Closet Furniture Models By Contempo Space

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