Bedroom Furniture Armoire By Outstanding Brand Names

A capacious and beautiful bedroom furniture armoire is what you need to both store your clothes organized and bring stylish look to the room. Most quality models feature drawers, shelves, closet-style racks designed for hanging clothes, TV storage compartments and cabinets. Surely the size of an armoire determines its spaciousness. That is why depending on how much clothing you intend to store in your new bedroom armoire wardrobe, you can choose a respective model. Today you can find grandiose models provided by such popular brands as are the followings:

  • Suader
  • R.T.
  • Fireside Lodge
  • Legacy Classic Furniture
  • Wildon Home
  • Universal Furniture

The Inval Armoire offered by Inval is perhaps one of the most practical variants if you put quality and spaciousness as primary armoire features. Priced $405, this simple yet quite lovely furniture armoire for a bedroom will blend into any interior without drawing much attention to it. It features four wide drawers and a huge TV compartment with an abundant shelf underneath. You can have this armoire either in Espresso-Wengue or Larcinia-White finishes.

Nevertheless, if the look of your bedroom furniture armoire matters as much as quality for you, then the Adamson Armoire manufactured by Rosalind Wheeler can satisfy your requirements. Yet, for this grandiose model be prepared to pay more than for the above-described armoire. The model is priced $1,550. The Adamson tall hardwood armoire is gifted with an unmistakably beautiful and luxurious rich rustic cherry finish. The model promises an exceptional lavish English sophistication to your bedroom.

Gallery of Bedroom Furniture Armoire By Outstanding Brand Names

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