Bentwood dining chairs – reminder of the past

Bentwood dining chairs have received their huge popularity thanks to the exclusive external characteristics, simplicity, ease of manufacturing, and low cost. Such a creation was born in the 1830’s. They were made of bent beech wood. The cabinetmaker named Michael Thonet has used this technology. The factory of GebruderThonet Vienna also began the production of these chairs, from which they got their name. Since then and until present day, this Viennese chair is considered classic wooden chair models that are distinguished by their reliability, style, and unique elegance.

Bentwood chairs for dinning room today

Today especially quality furniture is appreciated, which has some history of its creation and production. As for bentwood chairs, they always evoke special feelings and memories of the past. Bentwood chairs for dinning room nowadays are made mostly of the following wood:

  • beech,
  • walnut,
  • rattan mesh,
  • textured plywood.

For creating a kind of retro highlight, Viennese straw is also used.

Nowadays manufacturers produce these models of chairs with soft seats and backs, tighten them with natural or synthetic leather, as well as a variety of dense fabric. Bentwood dining chairs may perfectly be complemented with a coffee table on the terrace, balcony, or in the garden, in conjunction with live plants. Bent lines of chairs will look particularly harmonious with any interior style. Do not be afraid to use bright color accents for creating the right atmosphere in your dining room, or making a focus.

Gallery of Bentwood dining chairs – reminder of the past

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