how to remove mold from a shower

Black Mold In Shower Dangerous

Most people think that molds are insects and some believe that they are plants but molds are
Microscopic fungi. Their reproduction happens through the generation of spores. Mold is a common and typical household problem which causes unpleasant smells and sights. The commonplace where molds grow is the shower because of the moist and humid conditions that are peculiar to it after bathing.

How to clean a moldy shower

Cleaning Necessities for your shower

It is ironic that the bathroom where we clean ourselves is the dirtiest room in homes because of the presence of germs. Majority of households have a shower either standing alone or as part of a wet room. But what is common to them is that they get dirty and will need cleaning at some point.

Cleaning the mold in the shower requires a quality product, this is because mold in the shower grout is dangerous. This product could be applied either by spraying or wiping it on areas surfaces that need to be cleaned.

If you want to clean a moldy shower you may apply a mixture of water and bleach. This will immediately stop the spread and development of mold in your shower.

Salt is also a good and effective substance used in removing mold from the shower. All you need to do is just rub the affected parts with a damp cloth, sprinkle it with salt and scrub it.

Borax is another substance used in the cleaning of bathtub mold dangerous to our health because it is a natural insecticide and cleanser which is highly effective. Just mix one cup of borax with one gallon of water then vacuum up any mold spores with a HEPA filtered vacuum before you clean, then use the brush to scrub with the borax solution.

Ammonia is another substance that removes bad mold from our bathtub. Make sure it is not mixed with bleach because this could be dangerous. Put ammonia into a spray bottle and spray directly onto the affected areas. Scrub thoroughly with a brush and wipe away after few hours.

Hydrogen peroxide is another effective fungicide used in dealing with mold. Just make a water solution containing hydrogen peroxide and apply it to the affected areas.

In addition, baking soda can also be an effective substance in cleaning the shower but unlike bleach baking soda is gentle with no health hazards. Just mix half a cup of baking soda with half a gallon of water, wait for about thirty or forty minutes and rinse thoroughly with warm water. The health benefits of a clean mold shower cannot be over-emphasized.

Shower mold dangers

Bathroom mold is fungi that are poisonous and harm humans. This toxic substance could affect the respiratory and nervous systems of human beings.

When we are over-exposed to bad mold in the bathroom we experience symptoms of headaches, nausea, allergies, red eyes, and many more.

What is the black mold in the bathroom

Black mold in the bathroom are fungi which dampen and humidify parts of our houses. One of the early signs of mold is the yellowish stains that are usually found on doors, ceilings, walls or wet and moistened areas. This later develops into a powdery and spongy patch known as mold.
Black mold on a shower curtain is another way by which mold affects human beings, this mold grows on the shower curtain and its presence make us sick turn our homes to an unhealthy place.

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