Black Slate Floor Tiles: Impressive Qualities

What can make a home interior so luxurious as black slate floor tiles! Sturdy, durable, impressively dark and at the same time amazingly stylish! These are the features of really quality tiles! Today slates are famous choices for as indoor so outdoor usage, and this comes to prove how versatile and durable they are. The naturally-formed layers and delicate (sometimes quite rough) textures of slate floors are able to bring the whole uniqueness of outdoor beauty to your home.

Fantastically Opulent Slates By Topps Tiles

At the Topps Tiles, you can purchase grandiose slate floor tiles in black coloring for your indoors and outdoors. Have a look at the Honed Black Slate Tiles priced £43.78 per m2. With its striking black coloring, the slates will easily create a rich contemporary appeal in your place. Moreover, they are also perfect for outdoor usage. The slates feature immense durability that makes them ideal for especially busy areas. Meanwhile, the satin finish creates an imposing combination of traditional look and contemporary feel.

Another impressive model of black slate floor tiles is the Black Slate Uncalibrated 30×30 Tiles priced only £22.11 per m2. These are deep black tiles with matt or unpolished finish perfect for conservatory, kitchen, bathroom, hallway floors and walls. They guarantee some depth and style to anywhere installed. The model is highly appreciated by customers: the plentiful positive reviews come to prove this. Opting for black slates, you choose original grace and luxury.

Gallery of Black Slate Floor Tiles: Impressive Qualities

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