Black Sparkle Floor Tiles: Have Your Own Starlight Sky At Home

Black sparkle floor tiles are perhaps those very types of tiles that can easily make the surrounding environment look utmost attractive and interesting. The deep enchantment of black color combined with either delicate or luxurious glitter creates a really astonishing ambience! Such floor tiles come in different sizes as well as in mosaic pieces to bring a most interesting statement in the room. Accordingly, depending on the dimensions as well as the shape of your home floors, you can choose suitable tile sizes so as the floors look complete and smooth.

Black Sparkling Floors For Your Whole House

Nevertheless, black floor tiles with sparkle are mostly applied to kitchen, bathroom and hallway floors. Yet, they can decorate special rooms, too. For instance if you have a special meditation room in your house, be sure such floor tiles will only contribute to the healing aura ruling the room. Anyway, to feel yourself a popular fashion or movie star, black sparkle floors can work wonders! Not only the interior of your entire room will get a strong emphasis, but also will have a timeless beautiful and actual floor type!

Black Quartz Cares For Your Home Walls And Floors

So, if you have made up your mind to apply black-colored sparkling floor tiles in your house, make sure you choose quality ones offered by quality brand names. Otherwise, the cracked or faded tiles low quality ones will become in some period of time will make you greatly disappointed in your choice! The Black Quartz is among those rare brand names that guarantees the quality for each and every of its products. Being made of crushed Quartz combined with mirror molded small pieces, Black Quartz products provide a timeless stylish and smart appeal for your house walls and floors.

The Black Quartz shining tiles for floors come in three sizes besides the matching mosaic, which are:

  • 300×300
  • 300×600
  • 600×600

Depending on the model oferred by this brand, the “quantity of sparkles” on the deep black color of the tiles differes. However, customers all over the world trust the brand and the look these tiles bring to their homes. So, if you desire to have such floors in your bathroom, kitchen or any other space that will keep their unique appeal for many years to come and leave your guests with wide open eyes from astonishment, then choosing black sparkle floor tiles by the Black Quartz is an amazing choice!

Gallery of Black Sparkle Floor Tiles: Have Your Own Starlight Sky At Home

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