Carved Boxes Made Of Wood By Novica Fascinating Store

Carved boxes made of wood are timeless elegant and beautiful treasures. Wooden material guarantees durability for the box while being excellent basis for carving patterns. Moreover, with years passing by wooden boxes become even more beautiful with unique shades of aging. If you are searching for unique carved boxes the Novica store is perhaps the best destination. Here you can find the most intricate and amazing boxes all carved on high quality hardwoods.

Won’t You Try The Forbidden Fruit?

If you need a wooden carved box that looks unique and exceptional, then the Forbidden Fruit is possibly the very model, which is sure to gather wows! Having a shape of an apple this puzzle box is made of Balinese soar wood. Consisting of four parts, it easily turns into a jewelry box to store all your precious jewels. Without any external ornaments this box looks wonderful with a small leaf-key that opens the box and at the same time adds a unique touch to the box’s look.

Discover The Secret Birds

Among other splendid carved boxes made of wood the Secret Birds wooden box is sure to capture your attention, too. Walnut wood serves as basis for carving the most splendid birds that are nestled complacently on vines carved. The feathers of these pretty birds are camouflaging into vine leaves making the whole picture appear most mysterious and enchanting! However, the inside of this box just as of all the others’ is lined with a soft velvet to make the box appear even more luxurious.

Gallery of Carved Boxes Made Of Wood By Novica Fascinating Store

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