Carver dining chairs as part of the luxurious interior

Carver dining chairs are a specific style of furnishing connected with the design of North American colonists. They are regarded to appear in Massachusetts colony and became a unique piece of furniture due to their carved details and interesting backings. Some people believe that they earned their name in honor of John Carver, the governor of Plymouth, and were made from American ash wood. They are popular interior items for Colonial designs and there are very few original chairs left nowadays, though many reproductions appear due to their luxurious look.

Nowadays, all carver chairs for the dining room have got distinct features.

1. The first one is the presence of three vertical spindles on the back of the chair for additional support. Both these spindles and the legs have got a special carved design known as turned construction. Sometimes, armrests can also have various carves, adding some extra luxury to the set of chairs.

2. Another distinct characteristic of these chairs is a smaller number of vertical spindles located between the seat and the armrest.
Modern Carver dining chairs are produced in a variety of styles and materials, but the base of them is still real wood. Contemporary examples are also decorated with leather seats and backs of different colors. They look incredibly chic and precious. Another peculiarity of these chairs in modern interiors is that the seat covered with various fabrics. The variety of timber species is also enormous and depends on the collection, price and style of the chairs.

Gallery of Carver dining chairs as part of the luxurious interior

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