Cheap glass garage doors that turns heads

Talk about a inexpensive glass garage door that turns heads. This is it in fact you may have seen this striking your featured in projects on abc’s extreme makeover home edition.

The DIY network and hgtv clopays Avantee collection combines contemporary aluminum and glass in a sleek modern design. But this delicate looking door is very durable it’s built using a two and an eight-inch thick rust-proof commercial grade aluminum frame with intrical reinforcing fins.

It is shown here with a black anodized aluminum frame and insulated tempered frosted glass panels which allows natural light to filter through while maintaining relative privacy.

Many other glass and aluminum panel options and frame colors are available, Use of the avante isn’t limited to garage door applications it can also be used as an indoor partition or patio door.

At the press of a button the doors are automatically raised allowing traffic to flow during gatherings.

Be sure to review the images inexpensive glass garage doors in our online image gallery for additional inspiration.

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