Cherry Laminate Flooring Via Excellent Alternative To Hardwood Flooring

For the mimics of upscale cherry hardwood flooring and the durability typical to laminate opt for cherry laminate flooring. This flooring will bring the unique warmth that makes a home inviting and pleasant to live in. This flooring type resembles the whole depth of earth shades ranging from light to deep cherry all featuring dark red undertones. Depending on your home interior style, designers advise the suitable color flooring. For instance, a traditional interior is best accentuated with deeper-colored cherry laminate floors whilst a more contemporary interior looks especially splendid with light cherry laminate.

Advantages Of Laminate Floors

Being an ideal alternative to cherry hardwood flooring, laminate flooring in cherry finish is widely acquired today. There is a line of advantages laminate floors feature over hardwood ones. If the latter is prone to humidity, laminate floors can be freely installed in bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Besides, this flooring type is easy maintainable. All that you need to keep it in excellent state is wiping with a damp cloth.

Laminate Floors By Armstrong

Among various brands producing cherry laminate flooring the Armstrong is perhaps amidst the leading ones. This manufacturer offers laminate floors of premium performance that will preserve their amazing looks for plenty of years to come. Here are the several shades these floors are available in:

  • Cheery-Bronze
  • Cherry-Natural
  • Native Cherry
  • Classic Cherry
  • Sedona Cherry
  • Ornamental Cherry
  • Candied Cherry

Gallery of Cherry Laminate Flooring Via Excellent Alternative To Hardwood Flooring

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