Click Lock Flooring Provides Easy And Fast Installation

DIY enthusiasts undeniably love the click lock flooring and what about you? Surely there is no one who would prefer to install his flooring in a difficult and long way. Click lock flooring has a great advantage – it effectively economizes the time spent on the installation process (approximately 30%). Besides no glue or nails are needed. Designed to snap together these flooring planks provide even surfaces. No floor panel can shift thus bringing forward uncomfortable feeling when walking or wearing out too soon. The tongue profiles are made to perfectly fit into the grooves of the other plank. Besides, such flooring system provides another advantage: when moving to another house, you can dissemble the floors and take with you to install on the new house floors.

Flooring with click lock system is available in as hardwood, so vinyl or laminate materials. You can come across as domestic hardwood flooring series so those with exotic appeal such as bamboo or Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors. Besides this click lock system is perfect for floating floors. Today quite many outstanding flooring brands use particularly this system of installation.

Kahrs is a global leading company manufacturing click lock flooring in hardwood. Among its most amazing collections you are sure to love the Avanti Collection. The latter includes such amazing finishes as are the followings:

  • Red Oak
  • White Oak
  • Maple
  • Walnut
  • Ash
  • Beech

Each of the above mentioned finishes comes in a diversity of naturals and stained options.

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