Closet Rod Bracket For Sloped Ceiling: Get Even More Capacious Storage Space

A closet rod bracket for sloped ceiling is a wonderful means of turning even that useless ceiling space that is sloped into a perfect place for storing your clothes. Today you can have these items exclusively in specialized stores supplied with unique products. For instance the Abrecht Bracket Company offers a new model with six adjustment positions. This is a perfect model that can serve the purpose thus enlarging your storage capacity. Having these items installed your wardrobe will have much more space intended for your clothes to be hung.

So returning to the description of the closet rod bracket intended for sloped ceiling offered by the Abrecht Bracket Company we can not but mention the great functionality provided by the six adjustment positions it has. The installation process is very simple. Even if you are not a professional carpenter you can handle with it quite successfully. All that you will need is following a couple of simple steps.

The package of this closet rod bracket for sloped ceiling includes screws that are used for attaching the bracket to the framing member. Afterwards you are to determine the appropriate angle. That action is to be followed by tightening the main pivot bolt. The clothes rod purchased from the Abrecht Bracket Company is to be placed within the slopped ceiling rod brackets. However, obtaining the brackets each with 125lbs rate you are to bear in mind that these fourteen gauge steel brackets you are installing must always be secured to framing member.

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