Cocktail Tables – Popular Designs for Homes

The demand for cocktail tables is huge these days and why not? With several choices in terms of style and design, you can take your pick from a wide range of collections to select the perfect piece that matches your home décor and the color of the room it is placed in, be it the family room, den, living room or even outdoors on the patio!

Here are some of the popular picks when it comes to cocktail tables:

  • Curvy table tops with curvy legs look quirky and fun whether they are made from wood or entwined metals – they will serve a great decorative purpose and transform the appearance of the room.
  • If you want to showcase collectibles, it is best to go for pieces with glass tops and shelves underneath. It serves a dual purpose – the shelves beneath the glass top allows the items to be on display all the time without collecting dirt or grime and saves space too.
  • Another solution for space constraints is a double tiered table that comprises a large top with a second shelf of the same size and tiers attached to bold legs. Place books, showpieces etc. on the bottom tier with figurines and other small items on the top.
  • Did you know about English map tables designed based on the concept of authentic cabinets housing maps from old England? These pieces add grandiose and character to the room, with the drawers being used to keep magazines, books or newspapers.

Made up your mind to buy one of these? Go online to check out the plethora of options for cocktail tables!

Gallery of Cocktail Tables – Popular Designs for Homes

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