Coffee Table Ideas – Find Out Which One is Suitable


Clueless about the type of coffee table to purchase? Don’t worry – hundreds of people face similar dilemma since there are several coffee table ideas to choose from. Don’t just pick one at random – weigh the pros & cons and then make up your mind!

Coffee table ideas can be thought of in these ways:


The most basic function of a coffee table is obvious – it is the piece of furniture on which you put the tray with cups, saucers, mugs, and other crockery. But these tables have now diversified in terms of functionality. Tables with low height can double as a kid’s study table or be a place where you can play card and board games with them. You can also rest your laptop on it or use it as a cocktail table. Such pieces often have drawers and shelves underneath to store books, magazines, games etc. Lift-top tables can be used for having meals as well.

Shape & Material

Standard shapes available are round, square, rectangular, or oval. It is advisable not to experiment too much in this area – abstract shapes aren’t suitable when it comes to coffee tables. Popular materials for coffee tables include wood, metal, and glass that are available in various different finishes. You can opt for a combination of wood and glass since it looks elegant and is sturdier than one made solely with glass. Other designs include mirrored and antique tables.

Want to research more coffee table ideas? Simply go online and you will find all the necessary information based on which you can decide what to buy.

Gallery of Coffee Table Ideas – Find Out Which One is Suitable

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