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A coffee table isn’t a place to keep the cups and saucers or magazines – in the last few years its purpose has become manifold. Contemporary coffee tables impart elegance, sophistication, and style to the room they are placed in apart from their functionality.

Common Materials Used for Manufacture

  • Wooden tables are designed using modern themes while retaining a touch of traditionalism, giving them a unique look. They age well and are easy to clean and maintain. In the past, most wooden coffee tables would have mahogany and cherry finishes, but now they have dark & rich themes with clean, pale & natural finishes.
  • Contemporary coffee tables made of glass are very much in demand and quite a bit of experimentation has been done using those. The base can be accentuated to become the focal point of the table, due to the tops being made of glass. Regular maintenance is required often as these tend to accumulate dust and show fingerprint impressions.

Different Shapes of the Tables

Apart from basing your choices on the type of material used for manufacture, you should also look at the shapes and sizes. If you want conventional designs, go for the standard rectangle, round and square shapes, but also consider the asymmetrical shapes and interchangeable sectional tables that look amazing in spite of being offbeat and quirky.

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Gallery of Contemporary Coffee Tables – Buy Quickly!

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