Contemporary tall jewelry armoire

Store your favorite jewelry in a contemporary tall jewelry armoire. This extra large jewelry box is designed for those who want to look great outside, but also remain being stylish at home. Such a tall jewelry box armoire has several deep drawers (usually 6-8), extra compartments for placing the long pieces of jewelry, a spacious cabinet and a mirror. Rayon lining makes it soft inside. The wood, rubberwood and veneer are also used to create such jewelry armoires.

The large jewelry boxes for women are very popular among mature ladies. The reason of their popularity is the big amount of good jewelry which a woman manages to collect after 30. The good jewelry can live for ages, therefore the diamonds and golden family jewels can be passed on from generation to generation. And that is why tall jewelry armoire plans are so widely spread. Some jewelry boxes can be painted to look more individual, the family coat of arms can be pictured or carved in wood on their surfaces, the ornament can be done in a unique manner.

A lot of people although chose the ready-made jewelry armoires as a Holden extra large jewelry box which has taken its place among top best jewelry boxes. The perfect qualty of the unit, its stylish beauty and classic ivory color made this spacious box a real masterpiece and a wish number one for ladies and dandies.

Gallery of Contemporary tall jewelry armoire

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