Convertible Coffee Table Adapts to Your Specifications

A convertible coffee table, as is evident from the name, can transform into a different structure. They are primarily used as cocktail tables, but over the years the designs have been modified to provide additional benefits as well. They are equipped with useful features that make them multi-functional.


These tables can double as desks due to the classic lift-top aspect. They are especially helpful if the space is limited – you just need to lift the top to utilize it as a surface for writing or working on your laptop. Before buying, you need to check with the seller how high the top can be lifted, so you can be sure it will match your requirements.

Adjustable Height

This coffee table converts to a dining table, and is frequently used in lofts, studio apartments, dorms etc. where there is less room. You can adjust the table according to the height you want to, and the top often increases in size by two times, so you can seat more guests at the table.


If you are comfortable while working in your living room, but there isn’t enough space, a flip-top can solve the problem. It is equipped with flaps that can fold in or out, thereby allowing you to adjust the size of the top as per your preference.

Evaluate and analyze your requirements before buying, For example, if you primarily need a space to eat, a convertible coffee dining table is your best bet. On the other hand, if you need more workspace, it is best to opt for a flip-top or lift-top table.

Gallery of Convertible Coffee Table Adapts to Your Specifications

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