Curtain Rods Walmart: Types Of Rods Offered

Curtain rods Walmart offers to its clients’ attention are not simply functional hardware pieces intended for supporting your curtains, but are also unique decorations to one’s home space. Here, in Walmart one is going to come across an amazing diversity of styles and functions for curtain rods. If classified into curtain rod types, Walmart presents the following four ones:

  • Spring-tension rods
  • Traverse rods
  • Double curtain rods
  • wrap-around rods

The first curtain rod type that Walmart offers have springs inserted. That is why they are called spring-tension rods. Those springs make it possible to compress them thus fitting the curtain between two walls. Unlike this type, traverse curtain rods do not have any springs. They include strings with hooks running along them to hold the curtain. When you pull these strings you open the curtain. At Walmart you are going to come across this rod type, too. By the way, it is quite widely required nowadays.

However, if you intend to hang both a regular curtain and a sheer one you are to choose the double curtain rod. The latter consists of two rods with sharing brackets. This curtain rod type is also wonderful for hanging a marvelous curtain with an appropriate valance. And the last type of curtain rods Walmart displays on its webpage, is the wrap-around rod with its ninety degree bending at both ends. Particularly here these rods get attached to brackets. This way you will have the closest fit between the window and the curtain.

Gallery of Curtain Rods Walmart: Types Of Rods Offered

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