Curtain valance patterns suit any interior

Curtain valance patterns are a real adornment for any interior design. A short curtain coming down for about one-third of the window is called a valance. Usually it is a small piece of fabric, which dresses up the window and hides all the fixtures and a rod. Due to the variety of patterns, fabrics, and styles they can add elegance or glamour, drama or a modern touch to your home interior. Their main function is in providing the room with enough light and emphasizing its greatness.

Curtain patterns with valances are created in the enormous quantity of choices and can be also combined with draperies, be folded, draped in the form of a scarf, tied at the sides etc. Some of them have longer ends at both sides forming a cascade, Karmen or Carolina designs, while the others can be sewn in the form of a box, bells, scallop etc. The number of drapes varies greatly with their absence or as many of them as possible to fit the rod. One more interesting variation is the valance without a rod in the form of a crown, summerhouse, or decorated with various adornments as buttons, fabric flowers etc.

Due to their universal nature, curtain valance patterns suit any room. They are most widely used in the kitchens, being one of the easiest and most affordable ways to transform a kitchen window into a focal point. Their decorative function can finish the design of the nursery or kids’ rooms as they can add a romantic and charming effect. The variety of textures for living-rooms can surprise anyone: you are allowed to choose among scarf valances, balloon ones, those ones with rounded edges or swag ones. They will definitely make any room’s atmosphere pleasant and graceful.

Gallery of Curtain valance patterns suit any interior

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