Curtains 110 Inches Long: Delicate Lace Model By IKEA

Within curtains 110 inches long you can come across wonderful models for any room. Available in diverse materials and colors, these curtains intend to accentuate the interior style chosen for a particular room while enhancing the privacy level of it. With certain curtain types, you can block sun and cold penetration into the house through windows. However, regardless your intentions and purposes of buying a curtain with 110 inch length, make sure it suits the style around.

Finding a lovely curtain in 110 inch length is quite a difficult task yet not impossible. Mostly curtains come in either 108 or 120 inch lengths. These are the sizes closest to 110″. Some customers have their 120″ new curtains cut and accommodated to the irregular size of their windows. 110 inch curtains are designed for houses with walls of medium height. They will cover the windows entirely up to the floor.

Anyway, if searched properly, lovely curtains 110 inches long can be found. The IKEA Mesh Lace Curtains, for instance, are perfect variants. A pair of these curtains is priced as little as $12 yet guarantees delicate elegance to wherever you intend to hang it. This model is a perfect variant as a layered window solution. It allows daylight to penetrate into the house while providing you with a sufficient level of privacy. It features a rod pocket. Accordingly, you can hang it right on the curtain rod you have. The size of this curtain pair (includes two lace curtains) is 110″ x 98″, yet a desired size can be reached through cutting it. This will require no hemming.

Gallery of Curtains 110 Inches Long: Delicate Lace Model By IKEA

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