Curtains And Drapes: Main Differences To Consider

Curtains and drapes are quite often mistakenly taken for the same window treatment, yet there are actually certain differences between these two concepts. Even though they are both created to bring a beautiful appeal to the room and protect it from the sun’s gleaming rays and dust coming from outdoors, we cannot but agree that the materials used, shapes and lengths chosen make curtains so much different from drapes! And depending on your desirable application you can choose one of them only after understanding these differences.

To understand how curtains differ from drapes let us consider them separately. Let’s start with curtains as they are much more frequently chosen window treatments. Curtains are lightweight material (cotton, silk, lace, linen, etc.) window treatments that are less formal and less expensive than drapes. Curtains are mostly used to provide the beauty of the space. Moreover, they can preserve the room from dust and sunlight, yet in all cases a certain amount of sun’s rays passes in through curtains.

What concerns drapes, these are heavy and thick fabrics that mostly are intended for blocking out light and coldness. Unlike curtains that can have different lengths, drapes are always floor-length. These window treatments are more formal and elegant, no denial, yet they are also more expensive. So, after we have presented the main differences between curtains and drapes you will better understand what your home environment lacks to be not only more inviting and stylish, but also more comfortable.

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