Curtains VS Drapes: Aspects To Consider

Curtains vs drapes is a “battle” that most people can’t handle with. Few truly differentiate these two concepts from each other. What combines curtains and drapes is that they both intend not only to adorn your home interior but also shelter your house environment from sun’s scorching rays and dust. Anyway, let us present the primary and most essential differences. Drapes or otherwise called drapery/drops are defined as floor-length heavy weight fabric that is used for traversing. Meanwhile curtains are lightweight and any length fabric that is used for shading and beautifying the room interior.

Nevertheless, when considering the drapes vs curtains we cannot but state the great difference of fabric they have. Drapes are usually more expensive as they are sewed of rich fabrics such as velvet or silk. Curtains, on the contrary are sewed of lighter materials including linen, cotton, sheer and lace. The next difference between these two concepts lies in the length. Ordinarily not pleated drapes (yet French and American drapes meet pleated, too) are always floor length regardless of the window’s or door’s size, whilst curtains are available in great many sizes and mostly come pleated.

Another factor to take into account when considering curtains vs drapes is the utility level. Curtains are quite incompetent at filtering light because of their sheer material yet they protect the environment from sun’s burning rays and dust. Meantime drapes have a high level of utility. They not only shield the space against sun and dust, but also permit only some amount of sunlight. Generally, drapes are more elegant looking, provide greater privacy level than curtains yet they are also more expensive as well.

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