Custom Closet Shelving For More Functional Cloth Storage

To make your closet even more practical and functional, you need to consider purchasing custom closet shelving. These closet systems make your storage space more efficient. Having plentiful shelves, you can place out-of-season clothes, your bags, and accessories as well as many other things in a neat order to find what you need with a great ease. So, if you have constructed a custom closet with your own hands you definitely need to purchase some shelves to use the closet at maximum!

Sturdy Shelving System

The Six-Shelf Hanging Closet Organizer with Plastic Shelves in Natural Canvas is an utmost practical shelving system for a custom closet. Manufactured by a popular brand name of the industry Household Essentials, the system is priced as little as only $22. This system firmly hangs on rod or wire closets with its strong supports. The six plastic shelves are sturdy enough to hold quite much clothing including sweaters, linens, pants, etc. The fabric that covers the shelves is breathable. Therefore, you can freely store seasonal clothes without worrying they will catch any musty smell.

Shelves For Shoes

Anyway, if you need a custom closet shelving system for placing shoes, it is worth considering the Easy Track Closet RS1600-TON 24″ Truffle Shoe Shelf priced $46. Using this unique shoe shelf system you will impressively expand the storage space of your shoes right in your closet. There are three angled shelves with fences in this system feature truffle finish. The entire system has a special design that provides easy access to the shoes kept on it.

Gallery of Custom Closet Shelving For More Functional Cloth Storage

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