Drop Leaf Coffee Table: Practical Solution For Your Living Room

A drop leaf coffee table is a practical modern table type that allows to have a comfy small size table that can be easily turned into a big one to accommodate more people around it. These tables are available in different materials with hardwood being the most common type. The designs of them can be diverse, too with more or less complicatedly designed legs and sides. All these affect the cost for the tables. Anyway, the age of a table can also greatly influence the price.

For instance the Gate Leg Drop Leaf Table in oval form and amde of solid walnut presented in Etsy costs $295. This antique table dates back to 1800s and the whole charm lies in its age. Made of solid walnut, the table features original brass casters that allow to move the rather heavy table much easier. Another antique table offered again on Etsy is the Barley Twist Drop Leaf Table costing $160. This coffee table with drop leaf design is from the 1930s. If you are a fan of antique furniture, be sure both above described tables will satisfy your aesthetic needs.

However, in spite of the great value a vintage table has, nothing can be compared to the stylish appeal a modern drop leaf coffee table owns. For instance have a look at the Drop Leaf Glass Coffee Tale by The Global Furniture USA. This contemporary style silver colored table costs $485. The top of the table is made of tempered glass while legs are in chrome metal. This unique modern combination of materials makes this piece of furniture an amazing attribute for a contemporary living room.

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