Making Embroidered Boxes. Picture: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images Source:Getty Images

Embroidered Boxes: Very Special Pieces

Embroidered boxes have always been highly appreciated as they are handcrafted with utmost attention and care. Particularly this makes them so unique and admired. There can be no denial that a well made jewellery box is truly beyond comparison, exotic and surely beautiful. These precious jewellery boxes can serve as wonderful gifts especially for those who have delicate sense of style and beauty! Besides having one you can be sure it will get even more precious and exquisite as times passes by.

Jewellery Box With Indian Motifs

So looking for a unique jewellery box with embroidery you will come across amazing variants! One of them is the Designer Embroidered Beaded Fabric Jewellery Box offered by the Designer Beauty brand name. Produced in India, this model perfectly transfers the whole mysterious attractiveness of this amazing country! The mere design inspired from Indian traditional decor motifs is enough to be captivated and amazed! The rectangle box features a delicate golden color with intricate design elements on top fulfilled in different shades of blue and red colors.

Velvet Box With Silver Trim

Anyway, not less enchanting is the Velvet Ottoman Box offered by the Outpost. Costing $1,750 this beautiful piece has ornate embroidery on blue velvet cover. The embroidery is implemented in silver and red colors. The metallic thread adds a unique touch to this precious handmade jewellery box. As all embroidered boxes this one too can be a gorgeous present for as storing jewellery so just using as a desk box. In all cases it will bring a divine statement to the room interior!

Gallery of Embroidered Boxes: Very Special Pieces

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