Engineered Floor Joists: Qualities To Consider

First invented in 1970s, engineered floor joists came to substitute dimensional joist made of solid wood. These joists are today more often met under the name I-joists. The latter has a great strength irrespective of its size and weight. However, what makes this joists so convenient and profitable in usage as compared with dimensional solid wood ones, is their capability to carry bulky loads with much less lumber. Today the vast majority of wood light framed floors were build with particularly engineered wood joists.

Qualities Of Joists

There is another significant advantage that joists made of engineered wood feature. These pieces do not bow, cup, twist, check, crown or even split. However, when choosing these joists remember that they are defenseless against fire. The reason is the lightweight nature these joists have. Perhaps this is the only disadvantage that this type of joists feature. Anyway, you are also to be careful with the installation of these joists.

Joists At Menards

To have your engineered floor joists properly installed, make sure you haven’t misplaced or wrongly sized the web holes. Otherwise it can lead to the failure of the structure. So, these are highly efficient and profitable joists when treated and installed properly. To order the quantity you need, visit a specialized store. For instance the Menards offers premium quality I-joists at quite reasonable costs. You can have as 11-7/8″ so 14″ and 9-1/2″ type joists. What concerns the overall lengths of these joists they are available from 12 to 48 feet-long.

Gallery of Engineered Floor Joists: Qualities To Consider

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