Engineered Wood Floor: Advantages To Admire

Engineered wood floor brings a look of amazing natural hardwood flooring to your house. yet, along with their splendid look these floors are much more affordable than solid planks and are also easily installable. Generally this floor type is intended to be used directly on concrete slabs, yet thicker engineered floor (2cm thick) can also be installed above the wooden subfloor. The result after the installation turns out to be simply fantastic! So, if you save money by choosing engineered wood floor instead of solid wood, be sure no one will ever feel the difference!

However if you have chosen floor type in engineered wood with less than 2cm thickness, it can be glued down instead of fastening with nails just as a vinyl floor is done. Yet, today’s advanced floors in engineered wood appear to be even thinner and have tongue-and-groove system of installation. This floating floor can be installed directly above your old floor. Anyway, if you need another proof that particularly this floor type is the best choice for you, then consider its sustainability.

Another immense peculiarity specific to engineered wood floor is its longevity of service. Once installed, a thick engineered wood floor will serve you at least twenty years to come! They can be installed in the areas where you won’t install solid wood and still serve for ages. However, to experience this, one is to choose a high quality engineered wood flooring as cheap ones won’t last that long. So taking into account that this floor type costs range from $3 to $18 per sq.f. you are to choose at least a medium priced version.

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