Enjoy the work of designer – Closet Maid cabinets

ClosetMaid company works at customizing home storages and shelves, so all Closet Maid cabinets are really unique. You can pick up Closet Maid cabinets and add various design ideas and details – so you will be a designer yourself. Before you starting work at your project think over the details.

However, if you want to change something in your work, you may do it in designing process. It is very convenient and it is a real fun. Choose your ClosetMaid stackable organizers and start your do-it-yourself designers work. Get inspired and go on picking up the options of an organizer you will get at the end. Enter your custom dimensions of the unit, select your room type. Then select the material you will make your unit – laminate or wood solution or wire solutions. After that select the design and save it. After this you will start customizing your unit. The storage organizer you will get will look exactly like you wanted. The same procedure may be done with ClosetMaid kitchen organizers.

Work at your sleeping room closets, organizers for your bedroom, garage shelving, kitchen storages. The number of the units you can create is endless. Everything depends only on your own fantasy. We believe you will love the result of your work and the unit you will get. Good luck with your creative activity!

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