Epoxy Resin Flooring: Perfect Solution For Most Industrial Areas

High quality epoxy resin flooring is simply irreplaceable for high traffic areas. Most industrial environments are covered particularly with this type of flooring as it is easy maintainable and has no chemical nasty odor. Besides this resin flooring is entirely slipping and chemical resistant, is dustless and features quite many other advantages. Sport gym floors are always covered with these floors manufactured by different reputable companies.

If you want to find some quality floors made of epoxy resin look within most reputable stores offering really quality products supplied by trustworthy manufacturers. One of them is the UK store RSL. All the flooring products are intended to provide great strength and durability to warehouses and many other industrial environments. Here you will be offered the following epoxy resin floors:

  • Resuseal WB
  • Resucoat HB
  • Resutop
  • Resuline
  • Resutop FH
  • Resucoat Profile

Which epoxy resin flooring to choose depends on the environment you want to cover the floor of. For instance the Resucoat Profile is perfect for food and beverage processing areas, aviation and automotive areas, engineering workshops and chemical plant rooms. Meanwhile the Resucoat HB can work for all type of industrial floors including some asphalt types, cement and sand screeds, concrete floors, etc. This floor type guarantees hygienic easy maintainable floor surface with no unpleasant odor. The finish of this floors is of high gloss and provides an amazing look for any environment you use it in.

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