Bathroom vanity floating style

Floating Bathroom Vanity – A Great Selection!


A floating bathroom vanity is an extremely popular addition when it comes to home décor these days. While modernizing bathrooms, such vanities contribute greatly in efficiently utilizing the available space and blending in with the surroundings at the same time.

What is a floating bathroom vanity?

Of course, this type of vanity doesn’t really “float”! The name stems from the fact that they appear to hang from the walls, thus giving an illusion of floating. They are excellent space savers because unlike many other vanities, they don’t take up room on the floor due to being wall-mounted. As a result of which, the bathroom gets very contemporary, clean lines.

Why buy such vanities?

Floating vanities come in several colors, designs, materials, and sizes to suit your requirements and budget. Although most of these pieces are styled to suit modern décor, some are available in traditional wood grains to give them a Victorian appeal. You can get custom-made ones that can be sized in a way so that they fit into all spaces. Two of these can be set up side by side to resemble a double vanity, which is very convenient for couples.

Versatility is what makes a floating bathroom vanity the perfect choice for your bathroom – get one right away!

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