Floormaster Laminate Flooring: Perfect Combination Of Quality And Style

Floormaster laminate flooring is a grandiose way to add value and elegance to your home. This flooring is a unique combination of the whole elegance and beauty of hardwood floors and the easy maintenance and installation of vinyl ones. The laminate flooring by this brand is distinguished as highly durable being made of high density fiber wood board. These laminate floors have strong resistance towards scratching, burning and scuffing. Meanwhile the wide diversity of colors and designs of these laminate floors makes it possible to follow and not lag behind the constantly changing interior design trends.

Floormaster Guarantees Quality And Style

As it was mentioned above, the laminate flooring by Floormaster is available in great many styles and color options. Starting with light beech colors and ending with dark wood colors, any color shade is available in the market offered by the outstanding brand name Floormaster. These floors can easily transform any room into a warm-looking and welcoming beautiful area. Meanwhile these precision made floors guarantee not only great durability, but also easy installation. It is so easy to work with these laminate floors, that any DIYer can deal with the work!

Floormaster 900 LOC: Durability Plus Premium Look

Among the models of laminate flooring Floormaster offers its customers you can freely choose the Floormaster 900 LOC laminate to cover your home floors. Yet this laminate flooring can be fitted not anywhere. You should avoid installing it in bathrooms or any other humid areas. Being highly resistant towards fading, scratching, as well as stains and cigarette burns, this line of laminate floors by Floormaster come in coloured and wood effects.

Water Resistant Laminate Flooring

However, if you still wish to install laminate floors in your bathroom, you can rely on the Floormaster 1600 LOC or Floormaster Tile LOC. Purchasing either of these Floormaster laminate flooring models you will get ensured to obtain water resistant floors to be placed even in your bathrooms. Both series are highly durable against scratching, fading and other unfavorable impacts. Yet, there is a great difference between them. If the Floormaster 1600 LOC has wooden and coloured appearance, the Floormaster Tile LOC features a ceramic tile effect and comes in a great range of coloures, too.

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