Flotex Flooring Provides Perfectly Comfortable And Stylish Floor Cover

Flotex flooring is an innovative flooring type that provides premium quality that is unbeatable. Combining all the positive features of both textiles and resilient flooring, Flotex floors come to substitute either of them! The practicality a resilient floors has is undeniably important, yet the sleep resistance and acoustic features of fabrics floors are also of great importance. Installing Flotex flooring in any commercial environment, you will get benefit of having all the above mentioned positive features in one floor! Besides, this floors are perhaps those unique ones, which are truly washable.

Advantages Of Flotex Floors

However, any Flotex floor is thoroughly water resistant, which makes this floor type perfect for any kind of environment irrespective of the present humidity level. Besides, this floor type is a highly hygienic and strong covering providing warmth and comfortability for any commercial spaces. Meanwhile the special system Sanitized provides consistent protection against any bacteria including as dust mines, so MRSA and E-coli. The utmost competent feature with anti-bacterial feature makes the floors also suitable for dance floors and gyms. Moreover, your kids can freely play and lie on Flotex foors without any fear to get harmed.

Flotex Offers Exclusive Floor Collections: Colour Collection

If you have determined to install high quality floors of Flotex type you had better study and find out more about the floor type at the Flotex Book. Here you can find out any information you need concerning Flotex floors. This highly durable and functional floor, which is very easy to clean comes in three collections. These are:

  • Colour
  • Linear
  • Vision

The Colour collection is presented with three print nuances that are Metro, Penang and Calgary. The flooring of this collection comes in either tile or sheet.

Linear And Vision Collections

The Linear collection of Flotex flooring is available in classic and contemporary styles with striped design elements. The models in this collection come in as sheet and tile, so in mixed forms. However, the five main designs of this collection are:

  • Stratus
  • Integrity
  • Cirrus
  • Complexity
  • Pinstripe

Unlike all other collections, the Flotex Vision Collection includes amazing models ranging from abstracts coming in intricate colors to those with natural material images.

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