Funky Coffee Tables: Most Attractive Models

With marvelous funky coffee tables any living space is guaranteed to acquire an extraordinary yet fantastic look. Made of various materials including glass, wood, metal and plastic, these tables have the greatest variety of designs possible! Let’s consider the most popular funky models offered in the market. The first one is the Mixtape Coffee Table designed by Jeff Skierka. It resembles those old mixtapes popular in the 1990’s.

Computer Board Table is another popular model within coffee tables with funky looks. This modern piece of furniture designed by The News Is Broken is one of the most one-of-a-kind models of the market. With a sturdy hardwood frame, as well as tempered glass top and sides, the table has a real computer board inside. It guarantees to become the focal point of any living room interior it is placed in. In contrast to this table, Florian Krautli offers a Stacking Nesting Coffee Table that comes with a pack of three ones. It is undeniably the most minimal take on the nesting table. Composed of four pieces that can be stacked on each other not to take much room, the model proves to be highly functional.

Another fabulous model within funky coffee tables is the Lego Coffee Table. The model represents a big rectangular piece of white Lego with a thick tempered glass top. It can serve as a perfect addition to any contemporary living space just the way all Engine Coffee Tables do. The Bentley V8 Engine Coffee Table, for instance, has got a large popularity all over the USA.

Gallery of Funky Coffee Tables: Most Attractive Models

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