Gun Cabinet Coffee Table For Outdoor Enthusiasts!

A gun cabinet coffee table is a great living room attribute for gun lovers. Being made of mostly different wood types, these coffee tables bring a unique touch to the environment they are placed in. The Whitehead Woodworks offers a grandiose Custom Gun Cabinet Coffee Table intended for a real hunter and an outdoor enthusiast! This coffee table is made of reclaimed black locust wood and features a large storage space within to hold up to six guns. The storage box has heavy duty sides while the top of the coffee table has a tempered glass enclosed print inlay.

There is nother amazing model that will both bring a fabulous look to your home space while keeping your precious collection of guns safely. The Top Secret Furniture offers a splendid coffee table and gun cabinet at the same time. This is the High Caliber Coffee Table priced at $1295. With an ordinary coffee table appearance this innovative storage furniture item will keep the valuable things you have safely. The hardwood choice is up to a customer. One can choose an Alder, Walnut, Mable, Oak or Cherry wood type to order your own secret gun storage coffee table.

However, what makes this amazing gun cabinet coffee table unique is the secret compartments. If something can’t be found it can’t be stolen! Hence, here your precious guns, jewelries and even cash are safe. Meanwhile the special locking mechanism that comes with a wireless keypad and a remote control guarantees the premium safety of the storage drawer. The latter is lined with a soft yet durable burgundy material to provide even higher protection.

Gallery of Gun Cabinet Coffee Table For Outdoor Enthusiasts!

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