Hard Wearing Flooring For Your Entire House

The constantly rising popularity of hard wearing flooring is a clear proof of the high quality this floor type features. Not only does it look really fantastic but is also easy maintainable and thoroughly hypoallergenic. Anyway, the greatest advantage of a hard floor is perhaps its exceptional durability. It is designed to stand a heavy traffic whilst preserving the marvelous rich look it is famous for. However, depending on the area you are going to install the new flooring, it must own certain features (water resistance, for instance).

Options Of Hard Wearing Floors

Once you obtain a certain type of a hard wearing floor remember it must serve you for years to come. With the impressive diversity of these floors available today, it won’t be difficult to chose the most proper one. Here are the most common flooring options:

  • Real Wood
  • Engineered Wood
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl
  • Linoleum
  • Tile
  • Rubber

Perhaps the most luxury looking hard wearing floor is made of real wood. Such floors are highly valued for the warmth and richness of colors they have. Certainly this flooring is relatively more expensive than all other floor types, yet does never lose its value (should you sell your house).

Engineered wood hard wearing flooring is the next most popular floor type. Though its quality is not the same as the real wood floor’s, it does not yield in appearance. However, both flooring types should not be exposed to high humidity. Instead you can stop your choice on certain types of laminate or vinyl floors. Linoleum, rubber and tile floors are thoroughly water resistant, too.

Gallery of Hard Wearing Flooring For Your Entire House

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