Harrod’s Garden Furniture For Stylish Outdoor Spaces

Looking within Harrod’s garden furniture, you are sure to greatly appreciate the premium quality each piece has. Harrod uses exceptionally premium quality materials for creating the most magnificent and at the same time ever lasting pieces. Once obtained, they tend to serve you a lifetime! Your garden will be turned from an ordinary space into a stylish resting area where you can enjoy every minute spent and be proud of both the comfortability and graceful appearance it has obtained due to Harrod garden furniture!

The Steel Garden Bench is one of the most popular garden furniture pieces by Harrod. It has gained a widespread approval upon the substantial and at the same time stylish design. The bench is made of fully galvanized square section steel that has a textured black powder coating. What attracts most in this bench is that it is available in two different sizes – 1.3m long and 1.8m long. The depth and height are the same for the two sizes – 0.45m high and 0.45m deep.

There are also other fantastic bench designs within Harrod’s garden furniture that are worth customers’ attention. The Roman Superior Half Lattice Garden Arch and Bench is simply perfect for serving as sitting space and providing support for up climbing plants and flowers. This model priced $886 will make a wonderful statement in any garden space let it be an elegant or modern one. Made from extra strong galvanized steel, the arch bench provides timeless service! This bench comes with a ten-year framework guarantee.

Gallery of Harrod’s Garden Furniture For Stylish Outdoor Spaces

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