Hartman Weave Garden Furniture: Bring Rustic Appeal To Your Garden

Choosing Hartman weave garden furniture for your outdoor environment, you are benefiting greatly! Hartman produces top quality garden furniture you can be really proud of! The brand knows well how to combine premium quality and unique elegance so that the eventual result turns out to be a fascinating one! Besides weave furniture, Hartman also offers steel units, cast aluminum and wood models all beautiful and durable. Anyway, if you find that weave furniture is what your garden lacks to look perfect, be sure to find a proper model within Hartman models!

The Hartman Bentley (Alexandra) 6 Seater Set is one of the most glorious weave garden furniture models by Hartman. Priced about £600, the set includes a 1.4m round table, six armchairs that in their turn include soft armchair cushions and a parasol with its base. The entire set comes in a marvelous pistachio green color that is sure to suit your garden space simply amazingly! The set is made of two-tone walnut resin woven above light yet greatly durable aluminum frame. What concerns the table, it has a tempered glass top that adds a unique charm to it. So, once you obtain this marvelous woven garden furniture set, you can leave it open all year round not even worrying about damages. The set is entirely water resistant!

Anyway, if you find the above described amazing Hartman weave garden furniture set small or big, be sure you can find a suitable one particularly for your garden size! The Bentley Alexandra Woven Furniture Set is also available in eight, four and two seats. Moreover, there are also splendid lounge sets again in the same collection by Hartman.

Gallery of Hartman Weave Garden Furniture: Bring Rustic Appeal To Your Garden

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