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Homemade Jewelry Box: Unique And Inexpensive Variant To Store Your Jewels

A beautifully designed homemade jewelry box can serve as a wonderful gift! Besides you are not obliged to spend much money on it as creating a jewelry box on your own costs less than paying for a brand new one. Anyway, what attracts most in these boxes is the fact you put your whole soul in it to produce particularly what you imagined and desired. So, in case you have much jewelry and need something to organize it neatly you can create your own wonderful jewelry box. This brief article is going to unveil a couple of most splendid DIY jewelry boxes.

The plan of our first jewelry box that is homemade is based upon a chocolate box. All that you will need for making this wonderful jewelry box is an empty chocolate box, some pretty paper and a little glue. Simply cover the whole outer surface of the box with the paper you chose with the help of some glue. The inside container is to be used for keeping your rings, earrings and necklaces. If you are afraid the box will smell of chocolate you can wash the container before using it.

Another wonderful homemade jewelry box is based upon an old book. To fulfill the project you will need to have at hand an old book with a beautiful cover, a sharp knife, some hot glue, a paint brush and some ornamentation for the cover via flowers, ribbons, etc. The first step is scheming a rectangle on the first page of the book and cutting all the pages according to that rectangle. Using the brush apply the hot glue on the book to fasten all the pages together. Leave some glue for fastening the decoration on the book cover. After these few steps your new and unique handmade jewelry box will be ready!

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